We Are The Himalayas  Sound Designer

”Sound design by Patrick Howard is especially noteworthy for its impressive precision, guiding us across time and space with remarkable sensitivity.” - Suzy Goes See

”Patrick Howard’s sound design conjures up the clanking of doors and the rattling of the prison’s bush telegraph system very effectively.” - Audrey Journal

Collaborators   Sound Designer

”The use of music and sound effects also lends the play a cinematic edge, and Patrick Howard’s sound design is perfectly tuned into the various shades of tension, comedy, and sadness” - Theatre Travels

“…a splendidly designed production, with Colleen Cook’s set and Martin Kinnane’s lights offering sumptuous imagery, and Patrick Howard’s luscious sound design adding to the surreal aesthetic being manufactured.” - Suzy Goes See

Once in Royal David’s City   Director

”This Patrick Howard-directed production deploys Drummond’s beloved Brechtian techniques very effectively. Interventions and visible backstage business make us constantly aware of the artificiality of the event we are witnessing… his fluent staging and witty use of the acting ensemble is engaging and the play’s depiction of a man coming to terms with death is made touching.” - Audrey Journal

”Patrick Howard’s direction reveals with honesty, the often contradictory states of being human. … It is a handsome looking show, put together with excellent taste” - Suzy Goes See

“Sensitive direction by Patrick Howard, the production aesthetic and the touching performance by Franciso Lopez unite to provide a unique and evocative show that will melt even the most cynical heart.” - The Buzz From Sydney

“All [cast] move into their different characters with the precision and energy of the tight ensemble that Howard has developed. … Gow – and Howard – manage to find some humour in the philosophies that underwrite this play. It softens the pathos a little, but takes nothing away from the social and political themes.” - Stage Whispers

“Patrick Howard very capably directs this production. His staging sees the whole of the New’s large stage area used. It’s very theatrical in style with constant shifts of focus and location and the use of an on stage chorus.” - Sydney Arts Guide

“Howard has created a work that is deceptively simple but completely engaging. Focus is held on the core story whilst choreographed scene changes allow for more intrigue as pieces are passed and slid into place by the rest of the ensemble.” - Broadway World

“The ensemble acting, stagecraft, direction, lighting, and design are spot on. Big accolades to Patrick Howard…“ - The Music

2SER Stages: Radio Interview (from 4min 20sec)
New Theatre: Fresh Eyes on Modern Classics (Audrey Journal)
Alt Media/City Hub: Once in Royal David’s City
Press Release (New Theatre)


Merrily We Roll Along   Performer: Franklin Shepard

Nominated: Best Actor in a Musical - Broadway World Theatre Awards, Sydney

"Patrick Howard is faultless in the pivotal role guiding the audience through each nuance of emotion ... His balanced performance is measured and controlled in the right places yet in contrast he bangs out every shade of light and dark and every colour of the rainbow of his character. ... Five and a half stars out of five. I'm in love" - Sydney Scoop

"That it is being led by Patrick Howard in the leading role of Franklin Shepard is great boon, for Mr Howard is extremely secure and handles the dramatics of the book well and has a voice of some power and nuance and leads the ensemble through the journey with leadership qualities that mirror the charisma of his actual character." - Kevin Jackson

"The golden-voiced Patrick Howard is wonderful as Franklin, demonstrating a firm grasp on the success-hungry composer with one foot each in a different world." - Weekend Notes

"Patrick Howard presents the ambitious Frank with a nerdiness and awkwardness that implies that even though he has finally got it all, there is an underlying resentment for the choices he has made but he keeps trying to ignore the fact that he's been sucked into the superficial world of Hollywood." - Broadway World

"All seventeen performers work seamlessly together in carefully structured choreography and thoroughly rehearsed vocal work. ... every character is well-defined and convincingly portrayed. So much so, that it seems unfair to single out performances." - Stage Whispers

"Indeed, the performances of Patrick Howard (Frank) Zach Selmes (Charlie) and Victoria Zerbst (a truly outstanding Mary...) call forth the consuming behaviours of Frank, that often get diffused under sentiment. With this production we have the opportunity to see ourselves in Frank, and this consuming activity (so widespread but little studied) is seen as unsigned, unreadable and unsymbolised." - Lisa Thatcher

5 Questions with Patrick Howard and Victoria Zerbst (Suzy Goes See)


Brothers Karamazov  |  Performer: Dmitry/Karamazov/The Devil

"Patrick Howard brings Dmitry to life with an infectious laugh and cynicism that is warm and comic. His work as the angel/devil figure is charming and yet moderated within the whole. It could easily be a star turn but Kalka holds him nicely within the strong ensemble." - Sydney Arts Guide

"...it is a compelling cast, each one full of energetic conviction. Patrick Howard is particularly memorable, with an arresting presence, determined to entertain." - Suzy Goes See


5 Guys Chillin'   Director, Sound Designer, Production Manager

"Directed by the provocative Patrick Howard, who brings to his staging a corresponding boldness, we are urged to find an explanation for the extreme behaviour that these characters embrace so resolutely. The self-destruction is evident, and the urgency at which Howard presents that agonising sense of oblivious ruination, is irresistibly thought-provoking, and politically significant." - Suzy Goes See

"Highly confronting. ... For the next 75 minutes, the relentless, obsessive, explicit and graphic talk about sex (not for everyone), and the Chemsex scene, left me feeling a gamut of emotions; from pure disgust, judgement, queasiness, sadness, laughter and empathy. ... one thing is for sure: it opens up for a lot of debate." - What's On Sydney

5 Questions with John Michael Burdon and Patrick Howard (Suzy Goes See)


Business Unfinished   Production & Stage Manager, Technical Operator

"Christophersen performs a substantial portion of the show as a lip-sync act, mouthing to recordings of various personalities, with astonishing accuracy. Stage manager Patrick Howard’s precision in dispensing cues is noteworthy in this regard." - Suzy Goes See

Götterdämmerung   Devisor, Performer, Sound Designer

"I enjoyed the troupe’s down to earth, unadorned style of performance. ... My heartstrings were pulled, at times, during the show, and I am sure that this was also the case for others in the audience." - Sydney Arts Guide (KXT bAKEHOUSE Production, July 2017)

"In executing a tricky style of performance, actors Kalka, Ryan Devlin, Jacqueline Marriott and Patrick Howard are confident and competent. Howard is particularly wonderful, recounting with skill and brutal honesty the immaturity of his child-self." - Honi Soit (Sydney Fringe Production, September 2016)

Marat/Sade   Performer: Polpoch

"Leading the ensemble in song to the stunning compositions by Nate Edmondson are Irene Sarrinikolaou, Tim De Sousa, Debra Bryan and Patrick Howard. Their strength and energy are a vital part of the performance." - Stage Whispers

Conversation in Rehearsal with Garreth Cruikshank (Talking Arts)

Tender Indifference  |  Performer: Raymond/Priest/Pérez

"Patrick Howard takes on the more daring parts, with a flamboyance that keeps us amused. His comedy in the piece is simple and coarse, but refreshing nonetheless, in an atmosphere that aims to be comprehensively dark." - Suzy Goes See


Mother Clap's Molly House  |  Performer: Orme/Josh

"Striking and memorable … a fascinating, multi-faceted and piece, well executed by a strong director and superb cast." - SameSame.com


Assassins   Performer: John Wilkes Booth

"This is a true ensemble musical, and these complex characters were convincingly portrayed across the board. Special mention must go to Patrick Howard, whose honeyed tones, consistent accent and engaging stage presence were the centre of this production." - Honi Soit