Once in Royal David’s City New Theatre, dir. Patrick Howard
March-April 2019 - Production Photography by Bob Seary; Publicity Photo by Cecelia Strachan

Sweating the Foundations 110% for Performance Space’s Liveworks Festival (Performer)
October 2018 - Photography by Performance Space, 110% and David Williams

Merrily We Roll Along Little Triangle, dir. Alexander Andrews (Franklin Shepard)
March 2018 - Photography by Clare Hawley

Brothers Karamazov Arrive. Devise. Repeat., dir. Victor Kalka (Dmitry/Karamazov/The Devil)
December 2017 - Photography by Clare Hawley

Götterdämmerung Arrive. Devise. Repeat. with KXT bAKEHOUSE (2017) & for Sydney Fringe (2016)
July 2017 - Photography by Tabitha Woo / September 2016 - Photography by the Cast

Marat/Sade New Theatre, dir. Barry French (Polpoch)
October-November 2016 - Photography by Bob Seary

Cast Recording of Nate Edmondson's original songs for Marat/Sade:


Tender Indifference Arrive. Devise. Repeat. for Sydney Fringe, dir. Victor Kalka (Raymond/Priest/Pérez)
September 2015 - Photography by Jack Gorman

Overdressed David Todd for Short Film for SmartFone Flick Fest, dir. David Todd (Justin & Sound Design)
August 2015


Mother Clap’s Molly House New Theatre for Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, dir. Louise Fischer (Orme/Josh)
February-March 2015 - Photography by Bob Seary     |     Video Trailer

Emerge Festival Et Al. for AIM Dramatic Arts, Nov-Dec 2014 - Photograhy by Heidrum Löhr, Courtesy of AIM
a casualty of birth, dir. Nathan Wilson & Alexis Hammerton (Aaron)     |     Eat Me, dir. Sarah Watson (Dad)

Her Naked Skin AIM Dramatic Arts, dir. Peta Downes (Herbert Henry Asquith/Guard)
August 2014 - Photography by Heidrun Löhr, Courtesy of AIM     |     Video Trailer

Elektra for Hell Hath No Fury, AIM Dramatic Arts, dir. Shane Anthony (Orestes)
May 2014 - Photography by Heidrun Löhr, Courtesy of AIM


Aftershocks for What Remains, AIM Dramatic Arts, dir. Corey McMahon (Bob Asquith)
November-December 2013 - Photography by Kurt Sneddon, Courtesy of AIM


Smash & Grab for Physical Stages, AIM Dramatic Arts, dir. Jo Turner & Emily Ayoub (Ensemble/Devisor)
May 2013 - Photography by Heidrun Löhr, Courtesy of AIM


Assassins Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble, dir. Jen Bartlett (John Wilkes Booth)
October 2012 - Photography by Caitlin Benedict

Putting it Together Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble, dir. & music dir. Patrick Howard
October 2010 - Photography by Victoria Nelson